Blogging Is My Passion

For those of you who follow me around the internet like a lost puppy, yes I changed my blog name not my internet username. I moved my blog to Blogger and away from WordPress and I do not ask for anyone’s permission or thoughts on this. I made this decision on my own and I do not need anyone speaking on my behalf or about me as to what I choose to do with my blogs, usernames or my life for that matter. I have been really thinking about the last few years, reflecting on them and seeing how paranoid I became over people stalking me, fearful of those, now I am humored and in a way pity those who do follow me around.

Up until two to three days ago, I was blogging on WordPress, I felt that in order to be a “real blogger” I had to be on WordPress. Honestly, I felt it just was not for me at all, I simply cannot justify paying out all kinds of money to use a blogging platform, not a little while back that was not so. I lost so much money in having other blogs in the past, I wasted so much time, energy and money in trying to establish myself as a blogger. Just to use my domain which I bought through GoDaddy on WordPress I have to pay out $96.00 USD, that is just plain ridiculous. Blogger is free, you just need to follow directions and do what you need to do to set it up with a domain of your own liking.

I also found that in using WordPress there is only 3GB of storage for the “free” plan, with Blogger it’s pretty open. I use Google Storage anyway so it’s bad to use Blogger for posting. To get more storage with WordPress you have to pay more money, again I am not willing to do that. I found that their layouts were restrictive too. Mind you, you can always go buy a domain and get self-hosting and then put your blog on WordPress, then again YOU PAY out of your ass for it!! It’s not worth it to me by any means. I am not a die-hard blogger who had to make money with it.

I put myself into that “I have to be like so and so” mindset, until one day it clicked, I don’t have to be like anyone else. My blog is my own and I really like using Blogger for my blogging place. I felt as though I had more creative freedom in creating my blog here. I had to actually work to get the coding done right for all widgets and things I have on it, in fact, it took me two to three days to put this blog together. It was definitely a labor of love, a love that I have for being able to write my thoughts and share my life with others.

I tried to import the WordPress posts to Blogger and over the course of three days, they haven’t taken, so I start over and honestly, I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I had fun these last few days creating and putting my good energy into creating this new blog. I even tried to set it up on WordPress and compare the two pages, Blogger won out for design and creativity freedom for me. You can disagree with me, we can all agree to disagree on that one. I prefer something that is fun for me. I don’t want to be limited in what I can do. I prefer not to pay out 100s of dollars for a blog that I do not intend to make money with. This is a place to write, not make money with as I already have a good full-time job that I am committed to.

I even went so far to read all kinds of “expert” advice to see what others say about blogging platforms.  I downloaded blogging guides too to see what the “experts” say should be done when setting up your blog and what makes a “successful” blog. Some say not too much on the sidebars, some say add photos to your posts, some say what your word count and the list goes on. I was told that I need to set up headlines with my paragraphs too. I decided to not follow the rules of others and go outside the box, be free and creative with all I am doing. I don’t mind reading some of the ideas and thoughts, however, I take it lightly, I take what I feel works for me and use that. I am learning not to take things personally and to just do what feels right for me. Yeah I know it’s about time!!

I am going to be sharing the books that I am currently reading. At this time, I am reading Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft because it’s a great book to read for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or someone like me who was raised with the craft. I enjoy reading it over and over, I always find something that I didn’t see before when I read it last, I take notes lots of notes and I will be sharing some notes that I took from that. I am reading The Four Agreements for the third time because again one time is not enough, it needs to sink in. I am happy to say that I am back to reading books and my brain is much happier with knowledge.

I am also planning on setting up a YouTube channel finally and get that running fully. I do hope that you will join me when I get it set up. I will share makeup tips, reviews of all kinds, recipes of stuff I make in my kitchen, household and homemaking tips, my thoughts and more just like with this blog. I am really looking forward to doing all this as I am finally feeling like myself for the first time in a long time. I believe moving into this house changed things for me, moving here helped me to come out of my shell and be more of myself. I am much happier now and I am living a better healthier life, so I feel it’s time to share it with others. This will be fun.

I do hope to get people liking my blog, following it and yes even commenting on it. I don’t even mind some people writing about on their blogs, but please give me credit for your inspiration and as being your muse when you do write about me. Perhaps your readers will come to my blog and see that I am not all you say I am. Hell, they may even like my blog and want to know me for the real me, not some fabricated myth.

I do welcome all positive, enlightening, helpful comments from my readers. I ask you to refrain from derogatory and negative posts that are not helpful at all. I use the Disqus commenting system as well.

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