Sickness, Germs and Exhaustion Hit Home

I feel like it’s been since forever since I last wrote anything, last week our Kona has been sick with diarrhea, so I was busy with her. Between working full time with my new work schedule and her being sick like she was, I had no time to write at all. When Ron got home from work, he would take over taking care of her so I could nap when I got out of work, we both work similar hours so it was nice to be able to try to nap. I didn’t sleep at all at night as she would need to run out the back door to go poop, one morning we woke up to piles around the living room and dining area, thank goodness we have tile floors and the poo didn’t go into the grout. I don’t think these floors have ever seen so much bleach, vinegar or disinfect cleaner in the years it’s been standing as it did last week. I cleaned this house so much with her being so sick. It also didn’t help that Ron was sick one-day last week too with it.

I spent all week staying awake at night watching over Kona, when we were not sleeping I worked my job and cleaned the house heavily. I didn’t want the germs to stick around here, not with my immune system. We thought hard as what could be making Kona so sick and I know some of you are thinking “RAE IT’S PARVO!!” NEWS FLASH!! It’s not parvo!!!

By Friday Kona started to feel better, it all started a few days prior to this and I knew it was not parvo, I figured she ate something she should not eat, she eats grass like crazy. By Friday she started to lick her butt so I decided to grab her and wash her butt for her in the tub, as soon as the warm water hit her butt she ran outside and pooped a huge pile of grass. She ate grass way too much of it, so when I let them outside I have to watch over her to be sure she is not eating the grass in our yard, she also likes to chomp on rocks.

We decided to get rid of the dog food brand we were using too, Blue Buffalo, figured it might be causing the issue. So we ran to Taylor Tack & Feed and bought the girls new dog food, we are now using Taste of The Wild for both girls, they are doing great on that so far. In fact, they both are happier, their fur and skin feel softer. Kona’s dry skin seems less dry now with that, it does have the Omega fats she needs.

I ended up exhausted on Friday with a severe migraine from hell that I couldn’t shake. I took Excedrin for migraines which usually takes the edge off and that didn’t help at all, I was just purely exhausted. I turned super bitchy as well, if you tried to talk to me I would want to tear your head off. I worked through it though and got through my day the best I could. I ended up in bed at 7 p.m.

On Saturday, we got up after very little sleep, I was still very worried about her so I didn’t sleep. I laid there watching her sleep, checking to be sure she was okay. Mind you she was active, not as active as normal but active during all this time, which is how I knew it was not Parvo. We ended up cleaning the house again!! We tore all the bedding off our bed, off the girl’s beds and Moca’s pillow got cleaned too. We disinfected all the rooms even. I scrubbed the floors, cabinets, counters, my desk, the bathrooms and anything that is not living got cleaned and disinfected heavily. I hate germs!!!

I got into a huge internet Facebook argument as well over a very heated topic which I will discuss here on my blog later. Let’s just say that I have my view points where others have theirs and apparently I do not have a right to feel the way I do according to some people and they can kiss my big fat white ass!!!

Saturday night we did go out with our dear friends Sonia and Tim to the Tanque Verde swap meet and then dinner at Cheddars, it was long coming to get out with friends. It was awesome because they are close to our age and they don’t have young children to worry about at home. They are dog owners like we are too, in fact, there is a lot we have in common with each other, it’s nice to find someone who has stuff in common with you. We are all planning on doing this kind of thing more often and get out more often with each other. It’s nice to have friends finally out here.

The swap meet was interesting as we haven’t been in years, for me it’s an interesting menagerie of people and things, it seemed like people clean out their houses looking for the “junk” that they no longer want and bring it there to sell to others. Some vendors stuff looks like it fell off the truck and they are selling it, it amazes me how many washing machines, appliances, tools, makeup, clothes, used household stuff I saw people selling. What was more interesting was the smell of marijuana everywhere, it was rampant in the air, what is more, is the vendors selling all the stuff for it and all the CBD stuff out there now. I am not a fan of that stuff at all. Mind you the entire time we were out I did worry about leaving Kona at home. We came home at 11 p.m. which is the latest that we have been out in such a long time. There were no messes in the house at all!!! I was so happy!! This means I could try to sleep!!

On Sunday we got up extremely early, I had to work at 6:30 a.m. and Ron had to go open where he works, so we didn’t get much sleep. My stomach also hurt from lack of sleep and stress of last week. I went to work, not feeling it at all and I am sure it showed on my calls. I pushed through the day, got out of work and about chewed everyone’s heads off, Ron put me to bed as soon as I signed off my computer. I slept from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. ate dinner, watched American Gods, took a hot bath and went back to bed. I got up yesterday around 5 a.m. like normal, I was seriously unable to do a thing. I called my team lead and told her I am calling in to sleep cause I felt like pure shit. I called in, laid on the couch, watched Double Jeopardy and The Grudge, then passed out on the couch with the girls. I slept from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and if Kona didn’t move her butt in front of my face on couch and farted I would have been asleep until Ron came home at 4 p.m. I was that exhausted.

He came home took one look at me and said “Back to bed”, I was grey in color. I went back to bed, slept from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. ate dinner, took a hot bath again, took melatonin, drank Sleepytime tea and passed out in bed. I got up this morning at 5:30 a.m. and felt better than I have in the last week. My only issue is that my stomach feels majorly bloated and it hurts to eat food right now, so I am going to put myself on a liquid soft diet for a few days until my stomach calms down.

This is part of my post sepsis issues that I deal with, I know it and I am going to be making more positive changes in my life to feel better and heal myself.

So this is my check in for now just to update you on what is going on in my little world.

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