Who Is To Judge A Woman’s Decision

I posted this on Facebook and now I am ready to put it out there on my blog.

Let me make this clear before I go too far with this.
This is my view and it is not the view of my employer!!!

This blog post comes after seeing too many self-righteous, judgemental Christians who believe that it is their right to tell women what their rights are in respect to abortion and their bodies on Facebook. Someone I was friends with on Facebook until this past Saturday posted her viewpoint on abortion after watching the Christian movie “Unplanned”. Her views made me want to throw up violently and I wanted to punch walls. Her post was the icing on the cake for me, I had already been deleting many self-righteous Christians with their pushing their “God” down other people’s throats. I really want to puke when I see their posts about how those of us who do not believe in their “God” will burn in hell and now these posts about abortion. It makes me physically and violently sick and angry!

A person who is friends with her added her comment, a super long winded one stating that there is no such thing as unplanned pregnancy such just enraged me just the more!! I wanted to find this bitch and beat her ass for saying that. I am not going to sugar coat this by any means as I feel strongly about this subject and for those who want to judge me, feel free, but first be sure you look in that mirror at yourself, look deeply and see who you really are.

So here it is for all of you anti-abortion people who try to force your beliefs on others and judge others, I want to know something.

What right do you have to judge another woman’s choice!!

What right do you have to judge a woman who was raped that decided that she can’t handle having a child from a violent vicious sexual act forced on her?

How about the woman who was raped through incest??

Don’t tell me there is no such thing as unwanted or unplanned pregnancies!!

It’s a woman’s choice to decide what is right for her!!

This is from a woman that was raped at 19 years old and got pregnant and knew that I didn’t want a child from that rape!! I knew that I would not love the thing was left inside of me from the evil vile bastard who raped me!! I didn’t want a child at age 19 and looking back I know that I would have been the worst mother in the world to that child. I didn’t even think of it as a child back then, to me it was an unwelcomed and unwanted intruder in my body and it had no right to be there, it’s the father had no right to rape me or get me pregnant or give me a sexually transmitted disease either!! So please get on your high horse and go ahead judge me!! I made my choice and I do not regret it as I did what was best for me at that time!!

After I posted how I feel on Facebook, she has her say thinking my post was all about her and made it clear that I had no rights and the unwanted fetus had rights and she has rights too. This infuriated me further and I asked her who gave her the right to tell me that I had no right to make the choice I did. After that, my friends on Facebook commented with their thoughts and most were pretty awesome, stating that they would not judge instead they would have stood with me, supporting me not judging and condemning me to the “Christian Hell”. There was a comment that came in stating that “Rape is only 1% of abortions”, of course, I had to look that “fact” up. Guess what I can’t find that “fact” or statistic.


I became even more infuriated after reading online that a little girl of 11 years old was raped in Ecuador and they forced her to carry out the pregnancy and further forced her to have a c-section. Don’t believe me, look it up!! I wanted to punch walls, punch people and scream at the top of my lungs!! This poor little girl was raped and forced to have that baby, the government forced her into it, they made the choice for her. She had no rights, what the fuck is that?? No one protected her and did anything to make her life any better instead they scarred her more physically and she is already scarred mentally and emotionally, who wouldn’t be?

I am not going to sit here and quote statistics that I find online to state how I feel or back myself up. I am going to say loud and clear!!

I believe a woman’s body is her own to make her own decisions with. It is no one else’s right to tell her what to do with it, not her significant other, not her parents, not her spouse, not her partner, not society or anyone!! The only time I disagree with it is if you are using it as a form of birth control if you continually get pregnant by sleeping with various men and you are not using birth control then I have issues with your using abortion as a form of birth control. It’s much like when I see women having children by various fathers, then bitch about the man who she had sex with, bitching he is a piss poor father to his children or doesn’t pay child support. I know too many women like this, it makes me sick.

I do have a problem with women who are made aware of health issues before that child is born and giving birth to that child. If you were told that the child would not live a healthy, long life why would you want to do that to your child, your family and yourself? Why put everyone through that agony of the death of the child later on? If you were told that carrying or having the child may result in a death, then yes by all means I do believe that abortion is necessary. So yes, in case of a medical necessity I do believe in abortion as well. Go ahead judge me!!!

Do I believe that a woman should be able to choose what she wants to do with her body??

Do I believe that if a woman chooses to love another woman she certainly may do so??

Do I believe that a woman should be free to choose whatever she wants to do with her own life?

I feel that no one has a right to judge us women with whatever we decide to do with our minds, money, bodies and souls.

If you feel you have that right please go to your mirror and look deep inside yourself.
Ask yourself these questions and be honest

Do you believe in the death penalty? If so, then you are a hypocrite.
Do you have tattoos or piercings? If so, then you are a hypocrite.
Shall I go on?

Go ahead judge me!!

Don’t tell me not to color my hair, get plastic surgery (not that I am getting it), get pierced where ever the hell I want to, get tattoos, have kinky sex with my husband, eat foods that I love to eat, drink alcoholic drinks, shall I go on?

I don’t give a shit anymore and I am done holding back from being honest about what I believe!!

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