Magic Is Alive & Thriving

There is something magickal afoot around and in our home.
As we all know Friday night we had a spectacular magickal full moon. I stood outside and soaked up the energy of it before turning in for the night, I had been feeling off kilter for a few days, irritable and fidgety. I find that since December of 2018, I get this way around the full moon. I can’t sleep, I am irritable, I can’t seem to settle down my mind or my nerves. I noticed that even my body is reacting in such a way where my legs jump more at night and I end up pissed off because I cannot sleep. I hate that I simply cannot seem to gather my thoughts, I usually get up and get in the shower, stand there visualizing all that is bothering me going down the drain. It helps me. This full moon was no different, however instead of trying to fight how I felt I wrote it out. I wrote on my blog all my thoughts, read them over, shared them with two people only and deleted them.

This past Friday I released so much stuff, tension, thoughts, memories, more guilt that crept up, attachments to people and feelings that I woke up yesterday energized. I needed to do this for me. I am so over the toxic, negative relationships that I held onto for too long. I cut those cords for myself, for my own well-being. I am no longer going to view what others say or post about me online as I no longer care. I am so so over it now. I have a great life now, my life is much different than what it used to be and I am no longer looking back, as it makes no sense to keep going backward especially you are moving forward in life and getting better. I really do believe in order to truly heal, to enjoy a full life, to be more prosperous and live a great life you must be willing to fully release yourself from the negative and toxic hangups as well as bonds that are held onto so tightly. This is what I have chosen to do and continue to do since about the beginning of 2018.

Friday night, I left all my crystals and I have many of them now, out in the full moon last night to cleanse and charge them. We have this banquet table that I usually use for my arts and crafts that they have been on since Ron brought me home a mess load of them last month and it sits in the Arizona room, I haven’t had time to work with them really, so up until Friday night, they just sat there. I did have them in the sun the first week when he brought them home. I refused to bring them in until I felt they were clean. I felt Friday was perfect for me to put them outside and get the full moon energy, also I tend to get sidetracked forgetting to put them out during last month’s full moon. 

These are only a few of them. 
I brought them in and one (Leopard Jasper) literally vibrated in front of me on the table. I was feeling anxious and pissed off all morning too. I picked it up and WOW the energy that came off that crystal was awesome. I calmed down and felt the heat from the stone. I held it in my hands for a while and put it in my pocket to carry around with me. I looked up the healing properties of that one to be sure I understood what it means. What I have read so far is that it was meant for me yesterday to rid me of negative energy, which I was feeling yesterday morning. It gives strength and vitality, what I needed yesterday on my day off, giving a sense of stability in the midst of chaos *which I felt after going to another person’s blog and reading their toxic words allowing them to bother me once again*. They say that once you become one with the vibrations of the stone you are able to be more harmonious inside and in turn, it attracts harmonious to your life. Well, that did happen for sure for me, I calmed down and felt more at peace within myself and let that release that I promised myself on Friday would happen. I went outside and stood in the sunshine, raised my arms up to surrender all the final bit of pain, angst, rage and negative bitterness that I had been feeling towards another. I gave it back to her as it’s hers to own.
Dear VL from NC you can have your bitterness, negativity, rage, and all that stuff back. I have my shields up and will no longer accept your issues or negativity or drama, you have no power here in my life or in my home!! You are no longer welcome in my life, my home, in my social media accounts or on my blog. If you really feel that you MUST follow me around the internet be sure to state the facts about my life as it is now, now what you perceive or imagine it to be, speak the honest truth otherwise you are slandering my name, which in turn makes you look bad, not me. Also please feel free to send your lackeys or “friends” or “followers” here to see what the truth is about me, not some fabricated story you like to make up about me. I am done with you and all the nonsense associated to you. If you must write any further about me, be sure it’s the facts related to the here and now, not the past as it is not where I live anymore or who I am or ever was. It’s just your opinion of me and that really not of any true importance to me anymore. Now please have a nice life of your own. I really do hope in time you really do find your true peace, place of zen and happiness which in turn will bring you better health all the way around. This is my final word and thought on you. I release myself from you and you from me. Be gone now please move forward with your life. 
After spending a good amount of time outside in the sunshine, I proceeded to water my garden. I had hummingbirds buzzing my head, lizards running around by my feet and butterflies flying over my head while our resident woodpecker sounding off his opinions. I need to get him a suet feeder. In my garden, my rose bushes are blooming, my lilac tree is growing more leaves on it, my lemon tree is getting taller and hibiscus is coming back strong with a sunflower growing right to it. This inspires me to get my garden going. We also moved our gnomes we each painted in our garden as well. 

After I did that I walked around filling my hummingbird feeders, moved my bird feeder from the front of the house to the back of the house. After all that was done, Ron and I brought the crystals in so that I could begin placing all my crystals in various places in the house, I let the crystals tell me where to place them. I stood quietly at the table just looking at them all, feeling what energy and vibration they gave me, standing in the back of the house, I asked each one “Where do you need to go?” each one showed me the way. As I did so, Ron said the entire energy of the house shifted. We both got lightheaded at first, then we both felt total calm, then we both got energized to clean to the house and place salt where it needed to be placed. I grabbed my sea salt as well as my black salt and of course our sage, we went around to the windows inside and outside of the house, along with the gate to the yard around the border of our property, along with our thresholds. We put our own magickal energy into this house fully, once we were done we both felt a great sense of relief and excitement. 
I feel much more creative, energetic, hopeful and inspired to do more with this house as we have full reign to do what we want here as long as we don’t trash the house or disrupt our neighbors, which do not do anyway. I know what I want to do here and I always ask before doing it, our landlady is so awesome she doesn’t care, in fact, she thanks us for what we do here. One of my neighbors even thanked us for putting the rock down in our backyard to get rid of the dirt and dust. She even thanked me for being such a great neighbor, we are quiet and keep to ourselves. I honestly don’t want to be involved in anyone’s drama or crap, my life is in a much better place than it’s ever been in a very long time.
At this time, my house is as clean as it’s going to get with two dogs living here, you cannot ever really get rid of dog hair as they do tend to shed. Oh, I forgot to mention that during all this, as I was placing crystals around the house a ladybug landed on me!! A frigging ladybug!! I haven’t seen a ladybug in Tucson since moving here in 2007. This was so awesome for me to have happened, I used to love ladybugs since I was a little girl. My grandmother used to say they are bringers of good luck so when you see one thank it for the gifts you are about to receive. That is what I did for sure, I thanked him/her and let him/her be as it entered my home. 
After cleaning, we rested for a bit and watched an interesting documentary that we found on Amazon Prime about witches, Salem, and ghosts, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I began looking up witches that were on the show to follow up and see what books they have written and see if they have websites as well. I also started to watch an interesting video of Raymond Buckland on YouTube, while Ron napped next to me on the couch with our girls. It was a peaceful beginning to the day. The witches that I am now interested in reading are Laurie Cabot, Raymond Buckland, Silver RavenWolf among a few others. I like to learn and these people seem among the best of them. I am in the process of re-reading The Complete Book of Witchcraft in paperback, Ron is encouraging me to download it to my Kindle as well. 

Ron got up around 12 p.m. asked me what time it was and I told him, he put on his shoes, his baseball cap, I threw my shoes and we headed out. Where did we go you ask? We went to the Pima County Fair, we had free tickets given to us by his supervisor. I purchased the parking ticket online and we headed out the door, put my Google Maps on and went on our merry way to enjoy the afternoon. I will say it was quite windy here, which didn’t bother us too much as it kept the heat index down a bit. I had all intentions of riding rides and eating fair food, well with a turkey leg costing $17 and french fries up to $19 I said: “FUCK That!!” I did get a 3 Amigos margarita in a nice size collector cup and drank that down. I didn’t do rides due to the wind, I am not a fan of being stuck on a ride or anything happening. So we walked around looking at vendors and exhibits and they had the Budweiser Clydesdales there! My favorite exhibit was the Egyptian one that they have going on as well as all the old cars that were there.

I love old cars, they even have a ’67 candy apple red mustang being offered in a contest, my dream car, oh how I would love that car!!  They had old fords there which reminded me of my grandparents, my grandfather had an old model A which he kept in pristine condition and he even had a rose holder in it, in which every Sunday they would climb into and put a rose in my grandmother’s garden. She would put on her Sunday best and her Sunday bonnet and they would ride around our hometown in it. It’s one of my greatest memories of them as they would come to our house that way.

While we were at the fair I found out one of my friends and her husband were there too, we were texting each other where we were trying to find each other to meet up. We never got to meet up but it was fun trying to figure out where she was. In the process, we found a huge chair, that we just had to sit in and a nice young lady offered to take our picture for us. I laughed as I climbed up in the chair and fell back feeling smaller and shorter than I had already felt. 
We had so much fun looking at everything that was there and I made a list of things that I wanted to go back and buy, I even found sage bundles that were really nicely packed and tied together, I did forget to go back to get it. Oh well!!
Our last stretch and the best part of the trip was seeing the Sea Lion Encounter show, thanks to AnimalTraining.us, where I paid $30 to have the ultimate experience with the sea lion. I got to get kissed by, play ball with and pet a sea lion and it was worth the $30 that I paid as it’s something that I don’t think I will experience again. It’s a memory that I am hoping to hold onto. I need as many awesome memories as I can get as I don’t remember much of my childhood as well as other moments in my life. My brain has a traumatic brain injury from the sepsis I went through as well as head trauma I had as a kid. It sucks and I live with it.
This just made me want to get my bucket list together again and really start to do more things that I want to do. I already faced death enough times during my lifetime. This past near death experience in 2016 with septic shock made me realize how short life is and it catapulted me into wanting to experience as much as I can in life. I want to make fun memories with Ron, friends, and family. 
We closed our day by going to Papa Murphy’s for pizza, salad and yes their cookie dough. We also drove to Fry’s for stuff to drink, Ron got his beer while I got margarita stuff. I took a hot shower to get the dust and dirt off of me from the wind when we first got home while Ron put the pizza in the oven. If you never had Papa Murphy’s pizza you gotta try it I love it!! I love their Greek salad too, they are willing to make mine without onions as I am allergic to onions. I just love the cookie dough, I mean who doesn’t love chocolate chip cookies?? After the shower, I had to soak my feet as they hurt so badly from the walking, I am not used to walking as I sit on my fat ass working all day long. I watched TV and ate dinner with Ron, then took a hot soak in the tub with Epsom salts and soaked in it for at least a half hour, I needed it. From there I took some melatonin and my new sleeping pills called Skinny Dreams, grabbed my Kindle to read a bit and fell fast asleep. 
I got up this morning wanting to write yet at the same time had to get ready for work. I am working today from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., yes we work on Easter Sunday, for me it’s not different than any other Sunday. It’s been slow at work we have like 30+ minutes between calls, it’s nice to have this kind of day. I don’t feel stressed out at all, just relaxed. Ron made me a nice breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, bacon, fried potatoes, sausage gravy on a biscuit and hot cross buns with coffee and OJ. It’s a really nice peaceful kind of Sunday that I can get used to. After work, we will have chicken and dumplings while watching American Gods. I work all week until next Saturday and Sunday, so as you can see my life is not really super exciting, it just is awesome now.
I really do hope each and everyone that reads this has a most wonderful Sunday afternoon. 
Brightest of blessings to all

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