My Deepest Apologies

I am going to make this short by saying I am offering my deepest apologies for one of my posts that I created about stalkers and obsession as this is not the direction that I want my blog to be going in. That was very immature of me to post and I am no longer that person to be pulled into another person’s drama and another person’s need for a blog war.

I promise to not play in the game or become part of the drama. I have better stuff to post about at this point in my life.

I have deleted the post as well as it’s not fitting to be here.

I intend to continue blogging just not in anger or bitterness as I am no longer in that place as well. This is not a defeat in my own mind or backing down, in fact, it shows that I am stronger than that. My actions and words show my true character of who I am for real. This shows that I am the bigger person and I am not afraid to be the bigger person. I am also a real adult who is a little more mature than to play the online childish games of others. I am not a bully of any sorts and I will not be bullied into silence either.

If you are a friend of anyone posting negative nasties about me or my husband please do not bring it to me as I no longer need to hear about people from my past who are not in my present or moving forward to my future with me.

Believe what you will about me or come to know the real me that I share honestly and openly. I have nothing to hide about my life, as I always say my ex-friends, ex-acquaintances, and others have already deep cleaned my closets and then some for me. If they want to continue to post about me or who I was, then that is on them and if you believe them that is on you.

If you do not like that I am more about rainbows, lollipops, unicorns, fairies, sunshine, and positivity that is fine, please keep your negativity and darkness away from me. I lived many years in darkness, bitterness, rage and worse, I rose out of my darkness and now I live in the light. I hope all the read this do too. Rise above your darkness, find your light and live in it, as it really is a better place to be than constantly in drama, negativity, bitterness and rage.

I am removing the tracker from my blog as I don’t give a flying monkey’s ass who is on my blog anymore either. Maybe some of my light will light another’s way and give others hope.

That is my final say on this matter.

Brightest blessings to all who enter within this blog

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