Where Do You Focus Your Energy?

Over the last two weeks I decided to put myself into a short blogging or writing hiatus. I have a real life that needs more attention more than my blogging or online life does. Yes! I really do have an awesome and busy real life with real adult stuff going on. I have matured quite a bit where I do not feel that I need to share everything little detail of my life with the online world. I do not feel a need to constantly vent or rant over stuff either, I mean really that gets draining on everyone including myself. Besides I don’t go looking for things or people to rant or vent about anymore. I have so many other things to put my energy and focus on. I decided that when I do go to sit and write it will be on my terms and in my own time, not when I get a wild hair up my ass or when I feel a need to rant or rave about anyone or anything really.

I felt it was necessary to step away from the online stuff mostly due to the fact that I really didn’t feel like coming online to read or see any more hatred or negativity that other people like to spew on social media or anywhere else. The media shares enough negativity for people to see on TV as it is, that is why I hardly watch the news. Am I clueless on certain things going on in the world, YUP sure am and I like it that way. It protects me and my inner being and I like it that way.

I am keeping myself busy with not being online as much. I actually wrote a list of all the things that keep me pre-occupied so I am not online and then I began to write about each thing on this post. The post grew extremely long as I tend to write long posts, so I decided to just share in a list form then write a blog post about each thing so share my thoughts on each one.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

The things that are getting more of my attention as well as my focus. These are what I am passionate about. These are my true priority in life, more so than being online checking in on others and reading stuff that I really should be reading.

  1. My home life offline
  2. My marriage
  3. My health
  4. My fur babies
  5. My career
  6. My friendships offline
  7. My family relationships

I would rather be focused on these things than worried about who said what about me and what they said. It’s just too much negative energy for me to be wasting any more.

As it’s said “Where you attention goes, your energy flows.” “What you think about, you attract.”

Where does your attention go? Is it good energy that you are putting into the Universe or are you one of those people who needs to keep putting negative energy into the Universe. Think on this. Think about your thoughts, your words and where you put your energy, then look at how your life is. Think negative, have stinking thinking and your life will be stinking, negative and toxic. Think positive and your life will come together. I am living proof of that.







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