Being Unapologetically Brazen

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I took a hiatus from writing for a bit to take time to focus on my career and to focus on what it means to live unapologetically brazen. What does that mean to me personally? I mean I read up on what it means to others and for me it’s living my best life for me. Being real, being honest, being true to myself and to others. Allowing myself to be bold, strong, intelligent, not downplaying myself to fit into other people’s molds. No more hiding behind facades or masks to make others happy. Allowing myself to be perfectly flawed and embracing my flaws as they are who I am. It’s about being happy and in love with myself. It’s about holding my head up with shoulders back shaking my mane without fear of judgment as I have always wanted. It’s about being confident, having self esteem and not backing down from what makes me truly shine or be happy.

This is how I am living my life now, without apologies and without fear.

Today marks my 1-year anniversary of getting back to work with my company and I have had not a single health issue since I have gotten back to work. This is my 3rd working for my company since 2015, I chose to leave for a short time in 2016 due to wanting to be among other people in a brick and mortar, I hated it. I went back to my employer in 2016 until I got sick with septic shock and almost lost my life in October of 2016. I tried to go back in 2017 after only 6 months from my septic shock bout, but my doctor said it was too soon for me to go back to work and I had too much stress, so we agreed that I would leave until I was safe to go back to work. He released me to go back last July in 2018 and I am now celebrating my 1-year anniversary today. I am thrilled about this.

I am also up for two different positions, one is Quality Control and the other is nesting LDP which means I could be a nesting team lead. I am hoping to get either one as it’s time for me to move up and move forward.

I have been working around our house too, making it home more and more. I bought myself the Betty Crocker cookbook like my grandmother had when I was young. I have been gardening, decorating, cleaning and getting my home in order the way that I want it.

I have been reading books again, I enjoy reading more. I just finished Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic by Lisa Lister. This book has really been changing my life for the better. I love how Lisa helps women to remember who we were before men and society made us quench our fire deep inside. This book has woken up not only the witch deep inside of me. I can say that the badass diva, the strong woman is awake and full of fire now living apologetically brazen. I can’t wait to get her other book called Love Your Lady Landscape.


Other than that I am getting out more as our bills are finally caught up fully and we can start to enjoy life.

I bought myself a MacBook Pro and walked away from Windows. I can happily say that I love this decision. I will never go back to Windows. My next move is to get an iPhone, Apple TV and iPad, yes I am officially an Apple supporter. I don’t know why I waited so long to get into Apple. I love my MacBook Pro. It’s so much easier to use and I have already prettied it up with a new case that is peach and yellow in color. I bought a keyboard cover and dust plugs as I live in Arizona, it’s very dusty here. I love the numbers app instead of excel in Microsoft, it’s simple to use and I can add rows if need be easily to my spreadsheets. I have a passwords spreadsheet and budgets that I keep each month to keep us on track. I love the pages app much better than I ever liked Word. I can write more and add graphics to it, I can change text and do whatever I want with my pages documents. I have even begun using Apple Music as well, in fact we used it this past weekend when we went into a “dead zone” for radios and I was able to stream music to our truck speakers via Bluetooth.

I have most things stored either in Dropbox and iCloud to save storage, it makes life so much easier.

This past weekend we went Apple Annie’s with our friends Chris and Melissa for peach extravaganza weekend. We picked five varieties of peaches, cucumbers, green beans and peppers. We had such a great time down there. I came home to start cooking and baking. Tonight is homemade peach cobbler from scratch from my Betty Crocker cookbook

The other night I made peach basil chicken wrapped in prosciutto with baked potatoes and yellow squash.

For me this is what living unapologetically brazen means…it’s being myself, living my truth and not what others want.

I hope you all find a way to live your true authentic way of life without apologies and without fear.

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