September Goals

September goals

1. Do more stuff for me (Wear makeup, jewelry and perfume, get my nails and toes done, do my hair)

2. Buy new clothes and shoes and wear them

3. Slow down enjoy and savor my food no more inhaling it

4. Get up and get moving more ie: youtube videos for exercise, daily burn or join a gym

5. Journal & blog more write more express myself

6. Find one thing a day to be happy and thankful for

7. Check in and reach out each day to bring something positive to others

8. Join FlyLady for cleaning and clean one area of the house a day

9. Relax on my days off and savor my time off enjoy it (Read more books not self help ones all the time, Listen to music, dance and sing out loud, Watch uplifting movies and tv shows)

10. Be playful, youthful and adventurous bring back the childlike wonder that had been pushed down and be curious like a child

11. Be creative find a new hobby or pick up an old one

12. Kill and bury the anal retentive OCD perfectionist let her go no more. Allow myself to less “perfect” embrace and love my flaws.

13. Be more social and outgoing get out of the house more. Stop being afraid to be myself and allow myself to shine out

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