Celebrating October New Lease On Life Month

October was always my favorite month since I was a kid, I used to love going being able to go pick apples and pumpkins in the orchards, the aroma of the orchards were overwhelmingly comforting where I grew up. We would gather at the orchard, pick apples, pick our pumpkins, go on hayrides, drink apple cider and eat cider doughnuts. Whe we got home or to our grandparents, while grandma prepared dinner we would get to either help her or start to get ready to carve the pumpkins. I loved the part of pulling out the gooey insides, baking the seeds with some oil and salt on them then eating them. I can remember making candy and caramel apples with my grandmother and then eating all the wonderful sweetness of them, while she would giggle at the caramel hanging from my chin or laugh while I tried my hardest to break through that hard candy shell. “Halloween” or my grandma called it Samhain in private with me was my favorite holiday as we got to dress up and be someone else for a day, we could be whoever or whatever we wanted and get candy for it. Sweaters and boots came out, turtlenecks, warm blankets on the beds came out. We got ready to have fires in the fireplaces and oh the best part was the warm homemade food that was made and the fresh bread that would be baked as the cooler temperatures settled in. Top that with the scents and aromas of the falling leaves on the ground mixed with the dew on the grass in north western New Jersey, it was amazing. These are my memories of my childhood and how much I loved it with my grandparents Todd.

Moving forward to modern day, right now at 7:51 in the morning, we woke up to much cooler temperatures, as it has been for these last two weeks, it has been wonderful for me, Ron, Chloe and Kona. Ron said the sun was not even up yet when he got up, normally from March to October we have the sun coming through by 5 a.m. in our bedroom window, so this is amazing for us. We never noticed it in the apartments that we lived in over the past 12 years, living here in this house, we notice it all and it’s so nice. We have the windows opened up along with the front door, I am sitting on our little patio in our little garden listening to the rest of the world wake up and get moving while I sip my coffee and smile. The hummingbirds are already awake flitting about in our two feeders that we have established for them while the other birds visit the bird feeder that hung for them. In the distance you hear ravens cawing out, cars driving by and Davis Monthan Air Force starting up the planes, while the bugle sounds off at 7 a.m. to start the morning. For me this is my kind of heaven I am enjoying Autumn and life as it is now.

Ron and I talked about how this is my 3-year anniversary of surviving Septic Shock and we decided that it’s no longer speaking about how I faced “near death”, instead it’s how I survived and I lived through it! How I have a second lease on life and have a chance to celebrate life and enjoy it more now that I did before. There is something about leaving the place where you faced challenges and struggles to live in a new place. No, we didn’t leave Tucson, we moved from the apartment community that had so many bad memories more than good for me to a house that gives us a chance to make new memories and be happier, leaving the old memories behind. Ron has been helping me with this, his thought is “Why keep remembering it, let it go and move on, forget it and move on.” I love my husband, he is such a great man with his intelligence, his wisdom, his work ethic, his youthful vigor for life and his strength. I wish he could see what I see in him, he would be amazed at himself.

So today we declare October our very own New Lease On Life month, where we celebrate life and having the chance to make life better. This means going to Oktoberfest here in Tucson at Trail Dust Town this weekend, driving to Tombstone one of these Saturdays or Fridays even. Getting together with friends we have here, either barbecuing or just having a nice sit down meal together cooked in our home or going out to eat. It can be the time where we turn inward on our home and make it ours, after all we have the best landlords now, they gave us full reign to do what we want to our home, so long as we are not destroying it, which we are not. We can focus on the garden I am sitting in and bring in more flowers, more decor, more bird feeder so that we can enjoy our home more. We have so much we can do and we are going to start doing it more, Tucson has so much to offer us and we haven’t really touched much of it since we moved here in 2007. This is the time for us to get up and get celebrating, having fun and enjoying the life we have together.

Celebrating life for me is also excelling in my career, making new “friends” if possible at work, getting to know my co-workers more and enjoying what I do.

This is our month to celebrate all that we have in our life together and love the life we live.

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