Ready For Christmas & 2020

It’s a cold morning here in Tucson, we are one week from Christmas eve, I can say it feel like Christmas to me since the beginning of November. I woke up to 32 degrees Fahrenheit at 7:00 a.m. Arizona Time. I spent part of my morning sitting in my nice warm house on our couch with Kona at my right side, curled in a little ball sleeping. Chloe, of course was on our bed sleeping, while I can hear Moca in the office, she is now loving the view from the window as I have a Christmas decorated table in front of the window that she can sit on and stare at the birds. There is a bird feeder right outside my window so I can see them. The only sounds in the house are the heat running, the clock in the kitchen ticking away and me typing away as I write my blog, and the click-clack of Kona’s and Chloe’s nails on the tile floor when they walk around the house. We have been outside at least 4X since I got out of bed, they love the cooler weather.

Our house is really showing my Christmas spirit. One of our Christmas trees in the living room was lit up in bright multi-colored and white lights with so many different types and colors of ornaments on it. My living room tree has no real style or theme to it, it is eclectic and fun, mostly snowman/snowpeople ornaments. The tree is placed right in front of the front window, so that the neighbors can see the beauty of the season with all the lights. We placed light in the windows as well for all to see, we have a blowup snowbear right outside the door. We have three trees in our house, two 6-ft trees (one in the living room, the one in the Arizona room), the little one is in my office on a table with lights and little ornaments on it. We have the house looking like Christmas on the inside with snowpeople, Father Christmas, three nativity sets and decorations all around. I was hoping to get more stuff this year, in time for Christmas, real life took over. There are bills to be paid and food to be put on the table, fun to be had outside of the house. Next year we will have more and my home will look like Santa’s House.

I finally did something that I have been wanting to do for some time, I purchased an Echo Dot in plum from Amazon, it arrived Saturday, they are on sale, so it’s time to get one or two. I may end up buying another one, you can have more than one in a house. It sits on a shelf in the office, so I can tell Alexa to play music for me, and listen to music while I work, right now it’s 94.9 Mix FM here in Tucson, while they play Christmas music. I am enjoying the Echo Dot so much, I get up every morning since we got the Dot to say “Alexa, good morning.” Alexa says good morning back and then gives a fun fact for the day. I can check the weather, get emails and make phone calls from it as well. At work, I do not take calls anymore, I listen to my advisors take calls and score them. While it’s not totally silent because I have my earbuds in my ears hearing voices all day long. It’s the pure silence in the background of the house that takes a toll on me, I need music to be able to thrive. Before we bought the Echo Dot, I would have to put the cable box or TV on the Pandora app, so that there was music in the background. Now with my Echo Dot, I can save electricity and the pure aggravation of dealing with our stupid TV by using Alexa on the Echo Dot. I tell Alexa to play music and it plays, I can tell it to lower the volume and raise it, this is making my life easier. I call the TV stupid, it’s an older LG smart TV (2014), it is constantly disconnecting from the internet and the apps on it are old, it cannot take new apps on it. We will be changing that in the new year as well, we have the wall space for a bigger TV, I plan on getting a nice one at that. My house is getting more with the times now and I am loving it. The next thing we want to get is smart plugs, smart bulbs and smart locks for our doors or maybe the HomeKit from Apple as we are Apple users.

P.S. Call it keeping up with the Joneses if you must, remember it’s not your life or house. If you choose to live in a limited way then so be it. I refuse to get left behind in the dark ages, I love technology, after all I do work for one of the largest if not the largest technology company. I don’t judge you as you have no right to judge my way of life.

My life has certainly changed so much since last year, I am so much happier, so much lighter in spirit and less stressed out. There have been a few bumps along the way, there hasn’t been anything major like illnesses, horrible neighbors, financial stuff, loss of income or anything like that. I cannot wait for this decade to end, it’s been a shit decade for us, for the most part, the only good year has been 2019. Since 2009 there has been way too much drama that has happened, way too much negativity and way too much bullshit all the way around, I am ready for a better life. I can proudly and happily say that 2019 was a good year. I can also say that I know that 2020 is going to be even better as Ron and I are determined to make it better.

Here is to a better year!!

Here is to an amazing year on its way to us!!

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