Attracting greatness in 2020

My one word for 2020 is ATTRACTION.

I intend to attract greatness in my life. I am attracting love, happiness, zen, joy, pleasure, financial gain, laughter, music, knowledge, and so much more into my life.

I looked back at some photos of 2019, I am happy to say that it was a good year for Ron and myself. . We did a lot in 2019, we accomplished a lot and most importantly we actually lived this year out. Sure, I can admit there were some bumps along the way, who doesn’t have those, this year was different for us. It was less traumatic and less stressful than the most of the years of this past decade.

We moved from an apartment to a townhouse to kick off 2019

To kick off 2019, I was first promoted in January of 2019 from being a level one the support agent for iOS devices to level one tech support agent for Mac and all devices, except Apple TV. In February, we moved from the apartment community that we lived at for 8 years to a two bedroom townhome. We started to get out of the house to do more things, go see places and enjoy life. In September of 2019 I was promoted again, this time to become a Quality Control Analyst for iOS advisors, this is a great honor and pleasure of mine to do. I get to help others achieve their goals with their career and better themselves in their interactions with the customers.

Adventures and Outings for 2019:

Pima County Fair

Reid Park Zoo

Mt. Lemmon

Apple Annie’s Orchards

Zoo Lights at Reid Park Zoo

Winterhaven here in Tucson

Howloween Haunted Caves in Colossal Cave

Christmas in the Desert by Colossal Cave

Tucson 4th Ave Street Fair

Tucson 2nd Saturdays

Our life has improved so much this year and I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings us as we both have goals and good intentions set for the new year.

We worked on the house, did some improvements that our landlords do not mind us doing at all. We have had people over for barbeques and dinners. We put up Christmas decorations this year and celebrated Christmas with our next door neighbor. We even had duck for Christmas dinner. We just took down our decorations and cleaned the house thoroughly yesterday. We have the windows and doors opened today for fresh air.

We decided that for 2020, we are taking on the 52 weeks financial challenge and I have upped my challenge to adding more money than the challenge says. I started mine with $5.00. I have downloaded an app for it onto my iPhone called 52 Week Challenge. I am excited to be doing this as it’s going to bring us closer to our goals.

For New Year’s Eve, we did stay home and stay awake to watch the New Year’s festivities on TV. Our Chloe is afraid of fireworks so we really do not like to leave her during this time. We stay home and comfort her. It’s pretty nice. We do not worry about driving on the roads with the drunken people, we did decide that next year we will be going out though.

New Year’s Day we went to brunch with my best friend and her husband out here. Then we went shopping for new clothes and had a wonderful dinner out.

I have started our low-carb lifestyle as well, I am using the Atkins book. Say what you will about it, it’s not for you, it’s for me and Ron to do and we are happy doing this for ourselves. I started a couple days earlier than we planned and weight already. I hope to lose 30 lbs this year. I colored my hair back to my original color and am letting it grow. Between the weight loss and going back to basics within myself, I am making 2020 my year. I believe that in being quiet and alone with myself it’s helping me to find the true me and connect with my higher self.

I started a reading challenge with Goodreads and I am intending to do it this year. I am now reading a book called “You are a Badass…how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life” by Jen Sincero. I am enjoying it and absorbing the words. I am making this year a wonderful new year. This is for me and no one else. I will be reading The Four Agreements again among others. Reading has always been one of my great pleasures in life.

I recommend getting quiet, being alone from time to time. Reflect of your life. Get connected with your higher self and the Universe, once you do you will see yourself and your life transform.

I am on a path of attracting greatness in my life.

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