Love & Hate Collide

Although you did not die, what we had died. I never mourned that death until today.

My heart feels like it’s been ripped from my chest today as I finally face what we were and what we were not.

I gave you my heart, my trust, my body, my mind, my spirit and my soul. You took it all from me, you damaged me, you crushed me, you destroyed who I was when you met me. It lasted for years yet I still loved you for a time.

My love for you grew to hate and the thin line where love and hate collide appeared.

I could not stand on the line teetering like walking on a tight wire anymore. I had to fall, crash down, damaged and broken never allowing myself to heal fully.

Today when heard this song I decided that I need to let go of the damaged broken pieces of myself and of us that I have carried around for years. I stopped cutting myself open with the broken shards of what I wanted us to be so many years ago.

I release myself from the regret, the bitterness, the rage, the guilt, the anger, the heartbreak, the pain so that I can fully heal and find the beautiful whole happy woman that I used to be.

This song came out when it all ended for us and it will be the last song I sang to you begging you to change and help me to fix us!

Goodbye to us and what we had and what we didn’t have.

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