Hey Hypocrite!!! Don’t Tell Me To Be Empathetic!!!

Just so people understand why I am not freaking out or panicking about coronavirus (cover-19) or isolation.

From October 13, 2016 – February 2017, had to stay away from crowds and people when I got sick. I was in icu for 4 days, no one could visit unless they were healthy, the only person who stayed with me was Ron. When I came out of the hospital, the doctors told Ron that I couldn’t go around people. I lived in quarantine an our apartment for 5 months October to February. 

In my first marriage, there are a few people who know this is pure truth and can verify this, especially the ones demanding I be more empathetic. I lived a half mile in the woods in a small blink your eye you go through it town. We had on neighbors except during June – September, it was an older couple and they were snowbirds. I had hardly to no contact with friends or family, most of my family was banned from me. 
I didn’t even have TV like cable or satellite dish to watch. I had VHS movies. We had a radio that was it. 
We had one vehicle as he allowed my car to be repossessed. 
Let’s just say I was forced into isolation without being allowed contact with those I loved.
Some days all I ate was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while him and our daughters ate good food. Some days my family would try to sneak me groceries to fill our pantry. The they did sneak us food he would blow up over it.

This went on from 1994-2002 when I left him.

I know what is it to isolated and quarantined. 

Before anyone says that I have no empathy for those complaining about having to work during these times, if you are not sick, be happy that you can support your family and yourself!I If you work outside the house like Ron and quite a lot of people still have to do, then be careful, be concerned & be grateful you have a job, most of all stop panicking!! 

There are people who did lose jobs that are only going to get a measly paycheck in the form of unemployment! They gave a right to panic they have no assurance of what tomorrow brings them financially! I have been on unemployment I know the struggle of having to live on $214 a week, when I was used to $300 a week paychecks! Yes I work from home as it’s the only option for me as I have a compromised immune system! 
Be thankful that at the end of this, you can have your get togethers, parties, paint & wine dates, dinners, and socialize again! People with compromised immune systems do not get that luxury!!

Be thankful you have family and friends! From someone who has no contact with her children going on 15 years, due to a toxic, bitter, revengeful ex husband who took them from me. My family has limited contact with me although I have tried to have a relationship with each one, they don’t bother on their end, it’s called a cell phone, text or call me, if you have an iPhone FaceTime me. Hell one of my closest friends I met in 1996 FaceTime Videos with me she is in England!!! I lost two brothers and 4 grandparents as they passed away! I don’t make friends easily here, honestly since 2007 I find people here are less friendly and more closed off. I had people who I thought were my friends back east only to find out that it was on their terms, it wasn’t mutual. 

Be thankful you are living! I almost died I know what facing death head on looks like! I had to learn to count my blessings even the small ones.

Be thankful if you can fish, garden, can foods, bake, cook and hunt as that gives a you a wonderful different way of life where you can provide food on the table. Teach your children to do it so that they have skills not many people have anymore!

Be thankful that you can work with other people and see them daily! Some of us cannot do that, we do not have pleasure. 

Be thankful you have a home, there are thousands of homeless people who have no protection from this virus or others viruses, other people, wild animals, and they do not have the healthcare insurance to be taken care of! I was homeless and I know how horrible that was. 

I was a social butterfly until sepsis and my first marriage changed my life forever! I honestly don’t know how to socialize other than social media. I am always afraid of embarrassing someone or looking stupid. I am afraid of what I look like when I go out and what the people see me as. I am unsure of what to talk about so I get quiet and shy. I panic and sweat when I have to talk to people even virtually at work! 

I was not a germaphobe until sepsis change me forever! I have to worry every day, that when Ron goes to work or when we go anywhere that I may catch something! I worry every time we go to a movie about germs and bedbugs!
I do not stay in hotels or motels anymore! I haven’t been to Tombstone Bordello my favorite place since 2016!! 
I am afraid to get on a plane to sit too close to someone sick! I used to love to fly!

If you thought you knew me before this coronovirus, well think again, I don’t tell people this or share this part of myself! There is only 2-4 people who truly know me and know these things.

Think before you respond to my posts! If you have a problem be an adult and take it up privately with me! Better yet, get out of your self absorbed life to check in on me and ask how I am doing right now!

I say that Isolation and quarantine are a walk in the park for me at this point as I used to being alone. I am very lonely and some days get depressed, I would love to have people put in the energy and time that I put into relationships.

Show me and others like me some empathy and compassion!!!

Want me to be empathetic?
Show us the same!

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